OBERF - Out of Body Experience Research Foundation

OBERF - Out of Body Experience Research Foundation



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Hi, this site ask one for private information, but reveals little about them selves, so who is asking?



That’s fine, but my concern is related to read about who they are, and there is little they reveal so to me it looks like a “side project” hastily put together. It might be allright, but personally I like people who put in effort that can corrosponde with my own hard job to get trustworthy answer. Even among kalyana mittas I am not so keen to say more than what they understand correctly

at least the site looks well organized

scientists increasingly showing that there is something beyond matter and this is good for spiritualists and Buddhists


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The release of atomic power has changed everything except our way of thinking … the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker. (1945)

Albert Einstein


it doesn’t seem like a scam site. There are countless stories, it is more like a data repository, a way for people to pass on what they have experienced.

I found it very interesting. In reading through, you can clearly start to see categories within categories. And all that I read had a very authentic feel.

But if you have doubts, then leave it… It is not essential knowledge just interesting :grinning:

I have plenty enough, both interesting and horrifying things to deal with watching my own mind

And the more somebody likes to know what one sees, the more doubt is arising here, - maybe because I know this kind of interest before from somewhere/sometimes, and it wasn’t wholesome then - If it were good, then my guess is that citta or heart wouldn’t respond with a sudden move in what one has come to understand as a suspicious moving, aka: a self grasping for a new birth/becoming

Been seeing this before, and responded to it, because that was from a more trustworthy agent (well known university) - but later one has changed to not believing in anything from this world

I prefer to seek out good monks/nuns/lay people, and have a talk with them instead

Ok, I’ve seen demons feed healthy an good people in my meditations, and seen them change to something not good in so called “real life”, working together with them … - do you think that I want to take a chance with interesting stuff from the Big Lie!

How can I trust you?