Oghataraṇasutta: Crossing the Flood

By being indifferent of the flood… Death is inevitable.

I just wanted to add, when I see ‘Appatiṭṭhaṁ anāyūhaṁ’ , another image comes to mind. That of getting out of quicksand. Anyway that’s besides the point I think, the beauty of Blessed Ones reply is that, makes one wonder, what king of ‘ogha’ is that? what kind of ‘payoga’ is that?

Interesting Ajahn Brahmali is conducting a 2 Day Sutta Retreat (2nd and 3rd December ) …

Venue: Quakers Hills Community Centre, 7 Lalor Rd, Quakers Hill, NSW 2763
Start time: 8:30 am please be there before 8;30 to avoid disruptions
Inquiries-- sydneybhavana@gmail.com

We can participate online via zoom. A Dhamma friend shared the suttas to be discussed at this retreat and the first sutta is SN 1.1: Crossing the Flood (Ogha-tarana Sutta)

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