OMAD one meal a day, fat burning for energy Ala Keto

Hi has anyone ever tried a diet regime called Kito? Ala High fat, moderat protein and low carbhs,
Its proving more tricky than I thought, was looking to bounce some views around maybe get a different spin on things


I did low carb/high fat with intermittent fasting (skipping breakfast) for about 3 months starting last February, then keto up until about 2 weeks ago while in us and now low carb again. I have been switching to lchf when in Thailand as keto is more of a challenge here for me so far.

I have been having great difficulty doing anything other than avoid dinner. I generally consume about four full bowls of food a day, which I cannot eat at one sitting simply because it is too much food and attempting to eat all that at once leads to “food coma”. Currently I’m gradually increasing fat content (ghee) to see if at least I can get by with three bowls of food. I do find ghee more filling than olive oil. Regarding protein, I’m a vegetarian, so meat isn’t an option. However, I do note that eating more protein does reduce the volume of food needed. Too much protein leads to constipation–those grains and veggies are important!

I did a ketosis diet back in the 1970s (Atkins diet). Short term success, long term disaster. It seriously mucked with both my metabolism and my emotional relationship with food. That’s just one anecdote, but a true one.

And anyway, doesn’t any serious diet regime involve attachment?


A proper Keto diet is not high fat but high protein, moderate fat, low carbs and it works very well for those with the discipline to stick to it although all the protein is not really all that good for long term gut health. Gut biota do better with a diet of about ten percent meat and 90% Low GI, high fibre non carbohydrate vegetables - greens, pulses, legumes, cauli, broccoli, pumpkins etc. Try to stay away from starchy veges high in carbs - pasta, potatoes, rice etc and bread as they only increase the sugar loading you get from the carbs.

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