Omitted Text from MN 141

Hi all,

In the Pali text for MN 141 for the third and fourth jhānas there is a great deal of omitted text. On the other hand, B. Sujato has provided translations for much of the omitted text. These translations presumably come from other texts (e.g, MN 94) that are more complete. Is that correct? Are there more complete Pali versions of MN 141?


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I’ll try to partially answer my question. It seems that sometimes an abbreviated instance of a stock formula, in this case the stock formula for the third and fourth jhānas, occur in a sutta without an occurrence of prior instance of a formula from which which the abbreviated instance can be derived. This seems natural when the given stock formula can be derived from immediately preceding closely related suttas. But in MN 141, the formula must be filled in from text occurring in an entirely different context (but still within MN).

How common are such situations?


I came across an SN sutta recently. I don’t remember which one, but let’s call it, where mm was something like 50. I had to go back to SNnn.1 to find the expansion…