On deeds of war both bright and dark

Many buddhist points in this interview about conditioning, choices and morality. About how impersonal it all is. Becoming a killer sometimes depends on the society you were born in and the way you were conditioned. This incredible man got out. He is a buddhist in every way that counts.

This is about a different war, it is about the middle east conflict but i thought it is absolutely relevant to the topic. This is the son of the founder of Hamas who became an informant for Israel.

Unfortunately there were and always will be wars. The Buddha saw it. The only way to avoid war is to get out of Samsara. We were all probably both killers and victims at previous lifes.

With Metta


Depending on the outlook, tough individuals don’t last either (granted, this takes a lot of patience). Indeed, there will always be one or the other person who is not acting in moral ways - of even in very immoral ways.

Remember though, even acting in such a way is formed from conditioning (dependently originated). Sometimes, it is pretty hard to see that even the worst of the worst suffer from conditioning in the end.

Please hang in there

May you be well, happy, peaceful, secure and free