"On the Formation of a Short Prose Pratityasamutpada Sutra"

Is anyone aware of the old (1980s?) article by Noritoshi Aramaki by this name? It’s very interesting. It purports to trace the development of the theory leading up to its complete formation in the nikayas. (It’s freely available on Scribd.) It says it’s the first of a two-part article.

I was just wondering if anyone had any leads on the second part.

I look through Noritoshi Aramaki’s published history here and combine with my understanding in reading his 1986 article in your original post (page 15-18).

I think you can grasp what Noritoshi Aramaki wanted to say in the second part with the following article from himself:

  1. Some Precursors of the Subconscious Desire in the Attadaṇḍasutta (this should be the main lead you need)

Also other articles from him that should provide support information for above main lead:

  1. 原始仏教経典の成立について–韻文経典から散文経典へ ( On the Formation of Primitive Buddhist Scriptures: From Verse Scriptures to Prose Scriptures)
  2. A Text-strata-analytical Interpretation of the Concept Pañcakandhas
  3. The Vijñanavada’s Understanding of Dvadasangapratityasamutpada

Note: I don’t agree with what he said in his article though (and I won’t be interested in discussion for that matter). The lead is just for your curiosity. :smiley:


None of those links go anywhere; but thanks for your concern, I guess.