On the Paṭisambhidās: why Theravadins get so mixed up about words



Here is a flavour of things going on. This is one of the best dhamma discussions i ever heard.


For any one who doubts the love and devotion of the Sri lankans towards the Buddha Dhamma Sangha


I have realised that keeping my mouth shut regarding dhamma is the best thing to do with family and everyone with wrong view. Ajahn Brahm told me to care for them. So I will try. :grin:


Poor darlings… this is what I am sad about. There is this beautiful fragrant dhamma out there but the priority is the external offerings and venerations. It’s great to give due respect and necessary offerings to monks on the dhamma path but I see no Buddha’s dhamma here. This is what I have seen for 3 decades in Sri Lanka. Lots of showing off with immense ignorance.


Now I can understand what this monk is trying to say as my mind is clearer and have a certain understanding of the dhamma. If I heard this before it would have gone right over my head. It reminded of the buddhist books in the Sri Lankan school curriculum. I am glad that people are allowed to ask questions though to clarify things. Thanks for posting it.


For my part i feel you are wrong. Faith is the seed of wisdom. They may look ignorant to you but they can see through a brick wall in time.

I dont know were you grew up but people are very different outside the westernised bubble of colombo.


try this


Try what? :slight_smile:





Thanks! :anjal:


You could be right or you could be wrong. You and I may have been mere insects, worms, ghosts, devas, Christians, Hindus, atheists etc., in past lives and look how far we have come right? I’m sure a kind being who saw me venerating a monk on my belly and the next moment getting angry at the next person who didn’t do the same told me to get my stuff together. :grin: Thanks to that kalyamamitta I will no longer do ignorant faith based rituals. Wishing the best for these innocent beings.

I have experienced rural Sri Lankan mentality. Not that different. I’m sure there maybe a few with merit and trained wisdom to see the dhamma for what it is scattered in the island though.


well you see, ignorance is not in the ritual. Ignorance is in the individual. For my self these rituals need to be cherished.

If all the beautiful cultures die out it will be a great loss to the world me think. :slight_smile:


As long there is ignorance no culture will die out. ( however, it might get re-defined and updated with more ignorance). Good news is ignorance will prevail even if wisdom dies.


Aha! With wisdom will one go to this extent?!


I hope becoming wise is not like being a robot.


It might but hopefully it can improve too. And its important we cherish and improve our culture at least for the next generations sake.


Look what the ‘next generation’ of the previous generation is doing because they preserved this culture? More aversion, more attachment and more ignorance. I wish there were many beings who got enlightened because if this kind of traditional, cultural rituals. I’m sorry I won’t be a part of preserving such a mental state.


Fine. No problem. :slight_smile:


Country without culture is like a hotel without parippu. :laughing:


I hope not. Then again the output is less defiled (because of wisdom) so I’m sure it will be a cool wise robot. :robot: