One and/or six classes of consciousness?

According to suttas , there were six classes of consciousness . If a person is blind , deaf etc the other classes still functioning . The only one that causes all the other five to stop functioning simultaneously is the mind consciousness . So, could it be that actually there is only one consciousness in whole but the functionality is like channeling to the different branches of the sense organ ?

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It can also be argued that the people who are in the vegetative state still have the sensory consciousnesses but don’t possess the mind consciousness, which is why they are in the vegetative state. The truth is, we don’t know - or maybe science has to say something about it.

Could it be that the brain act as a vessel where the consciousness runs through thus called it as mind consciousness and the same to the other five senses ?

I was just thinking about this, because mind-consciousness seems to be, for me at least, the last stronghold for the delusion of self. Everything else I can see as not-self without much effort. Even the other 5 consciousness, but mind-conscious is unique in that it may not be self, but it is something, something different and strange, and it’s difficult not to identify it with the self.

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