Opening Khandhaka texts

In SC’s Khandhaka list of contents three texts are given before the first ­khandhaka (Mahākhandhaka). Might someone be so good as to explain what that’s all about? :slight_smile:

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I’m glad you asked!

tld;dr: it’s a glitch.

When we began SC, our parallels were for the nikayas/agamas, and we hardly considered the Vinaya at all. But still, a few parallels with Vinaya were included, which you see there.

Later, when we developed our Vinaya parallels, we implemented a whole new data style, due to the massive parallelism between the many Vinaya texts.

The two systems have not been integrated on our main site, and as you see, they sit awkwardly side by side.

In recent months, Ayya Vimala has done the hard work to integrate all our data sources—including these, but much else besides. This is now with Blake, who is rewriting the programming for the back end to make use of this data. When this is ready, such anomalies will go away.


Oh right! :laughing: Brilliant, I thought I was just being proper dense and had missed some basic details about the Khandhaka! Many thanks.

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