Organising the Pali Text for better Understanding and Comprehension

Another feature suggestion.

Is it possible to have Pali Text in the Trilinear form where on line of Pali is in the chosen script and the next line has word meaning and the 3rd line as the proper translation. E.g. This will be very beneficial when reading in Pali and there is something which you are not familiar you can reference the translation and then continue wit the reading of the original text. This would be a refreshing balance between reading completely in Pali and completely as translation.

Also perhaps integration with a something like Wisdom Library for word meaning (e.g. or replicating part of the functionality to so you can conveniently look up words which are not familiar in the Pali texts or you want to further understand what something means.

This functionality already exists on SC, please explore the sidebar, it has many powerful features.

Remember, we can’t do across thousands of texts what individual scholars do for one or two close studies. There will always be room for detailed specialist studies of individual texts, and what we have created is the ability to easily link to these studies by posting them here on Discourse. That way users can find and benefit from the many different ways that teachers use to explore the suttas.

Since there is already the Pali word look up functionality along with the translations and meta data (textual information as used in the site) Trilinear passing will not be much of an issue.

Perhaps you can enable the word lookup feature by default defaulting to English and in the corner of the pop up the language option also so if the Pali -> * language is not what you are looking for you can change the language. You just need to display the * language in the corner and this is when you visit a Sutta in Pali.

Any way hats off to all the features and a great site. Perhaps these features can be more streamlined for the convenience of the users.