Organization of linked discourses, epub vs web vs print

Hello, I am new to this site and was drawn here by the available modern Nikaya translations. I have downloaded the Sujado translation in epub version and am considering purchasing print copies, but I’m getting quite confused and was hoping to get some orientation. I’ve skimmed the reading guides, but it’s a lot to absorb and I was hoping to get some clarification before I purchased the print editions.

The epub version of the linked discourses does not track with the web version. If I turn to the first page of the one, it doesn’t match the first page of the other. Finally I discovered something: the epub is perfectly in reverse order! I.e. SN 1.1 is on the last page. Before that is SN 1.2, and before that is SN 1.3, etc., etc.

Is this by design or are the web and epub different draft versions? Which version does the print edition parallel?

Again, my goal is to be able to read the suttas, but I’d like to be able to find my place whether on the web, ereader, or print, and make progress roughly from beginning to end. But I simply cannot figure out how approach this!

Thank you very much for any help and thank you Bikkhu Sujado for the lovely translations, which I have enjoyed immensely.

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@sujato Bhante and @HongDa this sounds like what you are working on?

@n0body welcome to the forum! This is a bug. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.


It may already be fixed by now, but I am not sure how fast this propagates to the web: Internal stucture of epubs - #10 by HongDa

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Thanks! also after posting this question, I noticed that in the “releases” section of the github repo there is a recent copy that agrees with the website GitHub - suttacentral/editions: Generated files for SuttaCentral editions :slight_smile:


Sorry, the data sequence was wrong due to upgrading the database, it has been fixed now, please check when you are free :pray:

Sorry for the confusion, but rest assured, you are not the first to be confused, nor shall you be the last!

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