(Pa-Auk) Should we concentrate only on breathing through one nostril?


In this topic I don’t want to talk about my personal practice but only about the practice recommended by Pa Auk Sayadaw.

We have two air flows: one enters and leaves through the left nostril, the other enters and leaves through the right nostril.

It is possible to concentrate on both flows at the same time, or only on one of the flows (the one from the left nostril or the one from the right nostril).

In Pa Auk Sayadaw’s technique, I don’t understand if he advises to concentrate on both flows at the same time or on only one of the flows.

Thank you in advance

May all beings become arahant.

Is Pa Auk Sayadaw’s technique relevant to Buddhism, early Buddhism, or any early Buddhist texts? Who is Pa-Auk Sayadaw?

Pa Auk Sayadaw is a Burmese monk who runs the Pa Auk monastery in Burma. He is a member of the orthodox Theravada Buddhism and is based on the Visuddhimagga. He teaches the jhanas of absorption (jhâna where one does not hear anything any more and where one does not feel any body sensation).

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