Page error within "index of subjects”


I just caught something and dont know if its a bug. On your “index of subjects” Gratitude (Link below) says Page Not Found on both my tablet and desk top. Its small but I thought Id pass that on.


Try an2.118-129.

This works with SC-Voice, which finds suttas in files with multiple suttas.

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There are many such errors on the index pages.

The URL structure on Sutta Central is mostly regular and predictable, except when it comes to AN 1 & 2 and potentially suttas at the end of any chapters of AN and SN. As well, the Dhammapada links often don’t work on these pages. As far as I can tell they were created using search and replace. For the above mentioned suttas, this will give non-existing links.


Indeed, yes. The Indexes and other static pages were hand-coded (by me!) and I forgot to take this into consideration. I’ve made an issue for fixing this.


Thanks for the clarification. No rush. :slight_smile: