Page error within "index of subjects”



I just caught something and dont know if its a bug. On your “index of subjects” Gratitude (Link below) says Page Not Found on both my tablet and desk top. Its small but I thought Id pass that on.


Try an2.118-129.

This works with SC-Voice, which finds suttas in files with multiple suttas.


There are many such errors on the index pages.

The URL structure on Sutta Central is mostly regular and predictable, except when it comes to AN 1 & 2 and potentially suttas at the end of any chapters of AN and SN. As well, the Dhammapada links often don’t work on these pages. As far as I can tell they were created using search and replace. For the above mentioned suttas, this will give non-existing links.


Indeed, yes. The Indexes and other static pages were hand-coded (by me!) and I forgot to take this into consideration. I’ve made an issue for fixing this.


Thanks for the clarification. No rush. :slight_smile: