Pali course in French?


Does anyone know if there is a Pali course in French, either online or in book form?


It seems that there is very little in French.

I only found this online course, “Discovery of the Pali language”, so far.


There are some 19th century texts at, including Minayef’s grammar.[]=languageSorter%3A"French"


Hopefully this is not a redundant addition:

Unfortunately, it seems none of the Pāli diacritics survived the digitization of what looks like an otherwise decent textbook.


Available on paper though Р - PR̩cis de Grammaire P̢lie: Accompagn̩ D'Un Choix de Textes Gradu̩s (Classic Reprint) - Henry Victor - Livres


There is a Pali-French dictionary with 3.000 entries.

Dictionnaire pâli-français du bouddhisme originel
by Michel Henri DUFOUR, 1998

Not a Pali course but maybe helpful anyway…