Pali-English Chanting Book

In the US, my “local” wat is Wat Buddha Haksa. I am going there this weekend, and noticed off of their newly updated website that they have a Pali-English chanting book online.

For those that don’t have a chanting book, this may be helpful. Many of the chants are well known to the ear, but I find it helpful to be able to read along in the Pali the many chants I do not know. Also, many of the chants, such as the Brahmavihara chants ( Brahma-vihara-pharana Patha (The Sublime Attitudes) at p. 153, are beautiful.

Wat Buddha Haksa completed_chanting_book_1st_edition_.pdf (1.5 MB)


Thank you, so much @AnagarikaMichael!


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