Pali Roots from the Saddanīti

I was doing some research into resources for Pali roots, and have been unable to find a good digital list of Pali roots. I located this file, which has comprehensive list of Pali roots, done by Vens Silananda and Nandisena. It’s a nicely done set of tables, based on the comprehensive grammar Saddanīti.

pali_roots.pdf (2.4 MB)

With an eye to developing a machine-processable version of this, I extracted the text, converted to Unicode, eliminated Sanskrit and Spanish, cleaned, and finally structured the data as HTML. So here’s a Unicode, machine-readable comprehensive list of Pali roots! (20.2 KB)


I just found this in my files, in case it’s helpful to anyone. I don’t reacall where I originally found it. Seems strange it was alphabetized it this way, an odd way to learn Pali!
Pali Verbal Roots.pdf (351.0 KB)