Pali Starter Study Group

Since I’m too excited about learning Pali to wait for the Venerable’s course to start, I’m forging ahead on my own, so as to get a head start.

I plan to try and lead a Zoom study group, which I will schedule once I know how many people there are and where so as to accommodate with time choice. Meantime, I shall be posting here a few videos to get started with, beginning with the alphabet and pronunciation.



I would be interested, but I think that @Khemarato.bhikkhu had a good idea about starting with the Bhikku Bodhi’s primer at Open Buddhist University. Maybe we could have a meeting to discuss how to proceed if enough people show interest?

By all means have a look a Bikkhu Bodhi’s class. The De Silva Primer and Gair’s New Course in Reading Pali can be had for free if you google them with “pdf” appended. Like all textbooks, these have their strengths and weaknesses. I’m tailoring my approach to facilitating the use of Warder which the Venerable intends to use. And unlike Bikkhu Bodi, I will be available to field questions.

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I did not know that you knew Pali. If so, I would be willing to follow your format.

I am on the same time as New York City.