Pāli teachers of SEA

Dear all,
do you happen to know of any English speaking Pāli teachers in descent monasteries in any Buddhist country who teach the saddanīti or rūpasiddhi, or teach based on any of them? Thanks for taking the time.



Excellent question, perhaps Ven @Dhammanando can help.


I don’t know of there being any since the death of Sayadaw Dhammānanda of Wat Tha Ma O. Admittedly I’ve been a bit out of the loop for the last few years, but the only Pali instruction in English that I know of uses the standard 9-level Somdet Wachirayan syllabus rather than the classical grammars.

You might, however, try enquiring at one of the wats where the Rūpasiddhi, etc., are taught in Thai, e.g., Buddhaghosa College in Nakhorn Pathom or any of the branches of Mahachula University.


What about at the Buddhist college in Hat Yai? I believe Ven Anandajoti is currently there.


Yes, might be worthwhile to try at one of these Wats … Thank you bhante. :anjal:

Ven. Anadajoti surely also a good peron to ask about regarding this matter. IBC I will have a look at too. Thank you. :anjal:

Bhante @sujato,
what is about you yourself? Did you went through any traditional grammar or did you rely more on the modern ones? Thanks.


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