Pali Tipitaka in one place for searching

Here are a few different versions of the Pali Tipitaka. The text is the Mahasangiti edition, and it is a straight dump from SuttaCentral’s text. The only change is that I have removed soft hyphens, which we added for line breaking.

Note that I haven’t checked these at all. They are very crude, and may well contain mistakes. In particular, they will not handle variants and other special data properly. They are simply meant as a rough and ready resource for quick searching, in case other methods don’t serve.

###Tipitaka in one folder (13.6 MB)

###Tipitaka in one HTML file (6.5 MB)

###Tipitaka in one TXT file

This is probably the most useful. Open it in a performant text editor, use a terminal, or even just a browser. (4.6 MB)

###Tipitaka in one PDF

A raw PDF file made with LuaLaTeX. Nothing fancy, no document structure or anything, just plain text. Not sure why this exists, but hey, why not?
tipitaka.pdf (30.8 MB)


I downloaded two versions this morning. Thanks Bhante!

I’ll likely only use Sutta Central for reading and review of the Suttas/Vinaya, but there’s a small comfortable feeling knowing I have all of this Pali text sitting resident on my own little desk.


For those who don’t know it there is a tipitaka software, the CST 4.0 by the Vipassana Research Institute (

You can choose which pitaka or book to search, the results are structured. Next to the pali texts it includes a simple dictionary.


In case it is useful for anyone, I also made a pdf from the Dhammakaya input of the CS. I was recommended that version by Alex Wynne but it sounds like that may not be a good one from what @Sujato has said. Nevertheless in case anyone is interested, I got the files from here:

And made one pdf of the whole Suttapitaka and another of the Vinaya.
Vinaya Piṭaka.pdf (4.4 MB)
Sutta Piṭaka complete.pdf (27.5 MB)

I also have them as Pages files (Mac OS) which are much smaller, and what I used for creating the PDFs. If anyone wants them, ask. Unfortunately Pages doesn’t have functionality for creating an ‘outline’, which would be really useful for such a pdf. Very strange Apple did not include such a useful possibility.

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Just for the record, this is the PTS edition: it was simply typed in by Dhammakaya. The PTS editions vary greatly in quality; some are excellent, many less so. For this purpose, however, they are not all that useful, as there is no consistent editing or spelling standards.


If you want to create outlines, then as a fellow Mac-user I would recommend that you get either Nisus Writer Pro or Mellel. For word-processing I’ve used nothing else for the last thirteen years. They are both nice ‘middle-way’ processors: vastly more functionality than Pages but unlike Word and OpenOffice not tricky to learn to use. If your budget is constrained then Mellel would probably be the better option as the Israeli firm that produces it guarantees free updates for life.


Woliwon (thanks in Penobscot) :pray:t4: