Pali tongue twister ("How much wood would a woodchuck...")

To demonstrate mastery of spoken Pali, one might attempt to clearly articulate the following gem found in DN2. Three times should suffice. This is merely one (1) text segment. How hard can it be?

Raveena's Pali tongue twister by Karl Lew | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Heck. Once should suffice. I’ll be generous.


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And for the curious, this was the tongue twister that tied Raveena’s tongue when searching for “kamma”. So don’t search for “kamma” in SuttaCentral Voice until v0.8.0. Well you CAN, but Raveena won’t say anything for you.

By the way…I would welcome any corrections of mispronunciations in that tongue twister–it does have a massive amount of Pali. :pray:

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Here’s another tongue-in-cheek contemplation:

sati saṭṭhi satthi
mindful 60 thighs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is probably the gnarliest pronunciation exercise I’ve come across so far…

(with wicked apologies :japanese_ogre:)

But seriously, if these are mispronounced, please advise. Thank you.


Sounds good to me! :ear:

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