Pali word missing? in Margaret Cone's Pali-English dictionary

The Pāli word kataññu appears in the old Pāli-English dictionary but doesn’t appear to be present in the updated one by Margaret Cone.
Any reason for this? Or can has anyone found it in the Cone’s dictionary?

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Yes, it’s in volume I, page 650, second column.

It wasn’t easy to find because there’s a bug in the dictionary. Compound words that start with a past participle will sometimes get their own entry, but at other times they will be listed under the entry for the verb from which the participle is derived.

And so in the case of kataññū you need to look under the entry for the verb karoti. It takes ages to to find because the entry goes on for many pages. In the end I cheated by looking up “grateful” in a digital edition of the dictionary.



Found it! Many thanks! :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:

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