Pandemics: History and Prevention

I just watched this video and thought that you might find it interesting given the current pandemic the world is going through at the moment.

For anyone who might be familiar with Dr. Michael Greger, you would know that he is an excellent speaker and very knowledgeable in the area of plant-based whole foods, among other things.

He has an excellent website called which has alot of science-based evidence regarding the advantanges of a plant-based whole foods diet. It’s all free, althought like Sutta Central, they also rely on donations.

Before he started his website which he is known for, he was the Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture for the Humane Society of the United States, which is were the video comes in. It’s more than 12 years old but I think is still relevant.

Very telling of the effects of karma, namely the karma of domesticating animals for human consumption.

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