Parallel to MN 138

There’s parallel Upādā­pari­tassa­nā­sutta SN 22.7 which could be added to the array of MN 138 parallels on the Majjhima Nikaya collection page and vice versa


Thanks. In this case, the parallel is in fact noted in the metadata for the Pali text, which you can see via “Textual Information” in the Pali text itself. The problem here is that our information comes from different sources and is not yet fully integrated.

Rather than adding the data for this by hand, I’ll add it to our list of issues and when @blake or @Vimala get to it they can look at the feasibility of extracting this metadata and adding it systematically to the parallel tables. A quick search shows that there’s 3522 such cross-references in the Pali text, so it would definitely enrich our data.

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