Parents of Sangha

If you’re a Sangha member and your parents is on Facebook, do get them to join in the Parents of Sangha Facebook support group. Or if you know a Sangha member (Bhikkhu, Bhukkhuni, samanera, samaneri, sikkhamānā) who’s in it for life (not temporary ordination), can share to them to ask their parents to join in the group.

If you’re intending to renounce and have trouble getting parent’s permission, can have your parents join in and maybe other parents can help address their concerns and hopefully you get to renounce.

Issues which can be discussed in the group includes but not limited to: end of life care, financial concerns, emotional processing of child going forth, what monastic life is like, support for the child etc.

Any feedback on what other channels is suitable or best is welcomed. The target age group should be at least 40 years old, given that minimum age for full ordination is 20 years old. So I am thinking that those age group should have Facebook, not so much tik tok or other social media. I doubt any parents of Sangha hangs out here.


This is really helpful–currently looking for monasteries and it’s pretty new for my folks to process. I was wondering if there was a support group for this sort of thing for them. It’s a very specific kind of grief.

The only thing that came to mind for me was this article: When My Son Became a Monk, Tricycle Magazine


Thank you so much for that article! :heartpulse: :pray:
I always love to get to know monks’ or nuns’ stories but reading it from his mother’s perspective is really special. I’ll definitely have to translate this to my mother.