Past merit and right resolutions needed for success

How do you see this in your practice. It seems with all the hype of affirmations made me think humans are cheating life. Do you think repeating Dhamma so much has changed you at the subconscious level?

Buddha talks of Formed right resolutions. I kinda like that translation but wonder if it correct. Because resolutions as we know isn’t so effective.

The Buddha taught 4 roads to success:

  1. Intention, purpose, desire, zeal (chanda)
  2. Effort, energy, will (viriya)
  3. Mindfulness, attention, putting your heart into it (citta)
  4. Investigation, discrimination, reflection, thoughtful consideration (vīmaṃsā)

“Resolution” is helpful. It’s part of the first factor, chanda. But without effort, attention and consideration that resolution can’t bring fruit. But where there is a will, there is a way (as they say) and without a resolution, we’re directionless.


Thank you Bhante. :pray:t4:

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