Patinissaga in Anapanasati (mn 118)

Hi again, one doubt, exactly what is being renounced (patinissaga) in step 16 of aps? I really don’t know if it is to “tanhā” as mentioned in sn 56.11 or if it is to the pursuit of pleasurable sensations.
I would appreciate your explanation and if you have suttas to complement it would be perfect.

The four steps of the fourth tetrad as culmination enters the area of insight, and should be read as a simplified progression of the insight knowledges beginning with impermanence. These are described fully in the Vism., and the approach to studying the Vism. through the suttas is MN 24. Any time impermanence, dispassion and release are mentioned in the suttas is a reference to insight. Since the causal sequence of insight’s goal can only be the four noble truths, the last of the four steps in the fourth tetrad must be the relinquishment of craving.

This may be of interest to you, if you haven’t already read it: It’s not a meditation manual, but explores the history of satipatthana in Buddhism across traditions.

You might find Bhikkhu Analayo’s book Mindfulness of Breathing to be quite helpful in this regard. Unfortunatley it is still under copyright (I think until 2022) so a free pdf is not yet available.