Peace here and now

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To move us in a less scatological direction, I also see the promotion of peace as a natural outgrowth of the Brahmaviharas.


I’ve heard teachers saying that these should not be made manifest in practical action in the world. I think it’s based on the fear of basically screwing up these four by contact with poop-heads.


Then we don’t have a very good grip on them, do we, if they can’t withstand some agitation from others. But, what do I know? :woman_shrugging:


Well, maybe it’s based on something else then. I dunno. But I know there is resistance to applying them in the way we’re talking about here.


Why not examine what something being silly is supposed to mean. Surely, silly and not-silly do not float around in the ether somewhere? There is no silliness-self to be found in any belief, an inner essence of silliness that makes the belief silly? So what, other than judging someone else for what they believe, could it mean?


I dunno.


An auspicious neighbourhood is a notable inclusion in the Maha-mangala sutta! Also cities or surroundings that don’t provoke cravings, aversions and delusion are suitable places to live -in the beginning the environment must be suited for the practice, otherwise going back into that disruptive job or relationship after the retreat will be similar to washing your clothes and drying it in a muddy puddle. Also spiritual friends and the suttas are good company.


Can you explain what this means please @karl_lew ? :wink:


Apparently it was a practice of historical Britain to exile convicts to colonies, even for petty crimes. Rehabilitation was not a social concern. This social process is irrational in a fully populated world. Upon review, I should have not written “all”.


Of course this can change. The Magadhan plains aren’t at all what they used to be! :thinking: