Petakopadesa says embodiment-view is because ignorance

Now I still have to see the amount of fetters also mentioned but it seems to me correctly to say that a Stream-enter removed ignorance then. To that degree. Probably not fully. But it seems alot. Because thats why its only 7 Births to Nibbana.


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A stream-enterer is also known as “a confirmed ascetic”:

AN4.87:2.1: And how is a person a confirmed ascetic?

AN4.87:2.2: It’s when a mendicant is a practicing trainee, who lives aspiring to the supreme sanctuary. It’s like the eldest son of an anointed king. He has not yet been anointed, but is eligible, and has been confirmed in the succession.

AN4.89:2.1: … It’s when a mendicant has right view, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right immersion. That’s how a person is a confirmed ascetic.

AN4.90:2.2: It’s when a mendicant is a trainee who hasn’t achieved their heart’s desire, but lives aspiring to the supreme sanctuary. That’s how a person is a confirmed ascetic.

A stream-enterer is established and confirmed in faith. They have gone beyond “just trying Buddhism”. They’ve gone beyond because they have found that all eight steps of the Path work in some way for them. Simply having Right View isn’t enough. Their practice has to align with that view all the way to Right Immersion.

These suttas are also interesting because they detail the difference between a stream-enterer and once-returner (i.e., white lotus ascetic). Understanding once-return should help ease the stressing about stream-entry. Obsessing about attainment of stream-entry in a Buddhist society would probably be as meaningful as obsessing about, “I have a learner’s permit to drive.”

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My concern is most people would say it’s not correct to say stream-enter removed ignorance.

But it’s simply saying he now understands. Better explained in this sutta.

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:open_mouth: yes. I agree. Ignorance is quite large! Thanks for explaining.

yeah. I just wanted to share. Because I noticed most don’t use it that way. And being in commentaries shows that they used it that way.

Another interesting thing. Two ignorance was mentioned in Ghandhari commentary. It seems its just was not teached in Theravada.

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