Phra Mae Thorani and ETB

Is there evidence in the suttas that Phra Mae Thorani helped the Buddha defeat Mara’s army?
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From the Wikipedia link, another name is Vasundharā and from a google search, this is found in

Maybe someone else is more skillful in finding better references.

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This event is known as The Victory Over Mara. No mention of the earth goddess is made in the suttas, it is a later development often depicted in Art:

“One element, however, is still not evident: Maara does not claim the seat on which the Bodhisatta is seated, and hence the need to call as witness the earth (or the earth-goddess, as the later versions have it) has not arisen.”—Guruge

The earth refers to the earth element (which is feminine), and means the actualization of mental events, and this process is often referred to in the suttas as “known in the body.”

" Exerting himself, he both realizes the ultimate meaning of the truth with his body and sees by penetrating it with discernment."—Majhima Nikaya 95

This shows the necessity of both tranquillity and insight in progress, and how the unconditioned should be regarded as ongoing at every stage, that is the practitioner knows both the conditioned and the unconditioned.

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I sent a big thank you for your work and help. I wouldn’t be so sure without you. I have noticed that there is a lot of distortion in Buddhism and I am glad that there are brave people who show the truth.

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