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Side note: I have physical and audible versions of most of these.
I noticed Sujato has the AN and DN in Audible and Physical versions, and Bhodhi has the SN and MN So that’s 4 of the five covered. Was this planned as in one venerable did the two translations the other venerable didn’t or just a coincidence?

No, we didn’t plan it! I’m hoping more of my translations will become available over time. But Audible has to pay for professional readers.

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You can find Bhante Sujato’s MN translations professionally read over at for free!

Along with a number of other suttas as well, including from the SN


I can’t remember if I have shared that link with you before.


We have completed all audio versions of the dīgha and majjhima nikāya’s and are approximately half way through the samyutta and anguttara nikāya’s. We expect to complete all readings by May 2026. We review all suttas prior to recordings as to whether the elision’s need to be extended and this has proved to take a considerable amount of time. I have outlined why we do this below
Elision's — Pali Audio - Free, downloadable audio versions of the original teachings of the Buddha
As far as I am aware the audible versions don’t do this.


Amazing work, so happy to see it.

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