Piya Tan—Why Buddhism is True-2018

An insightful talk by Piya Tan inspired by the book ‘Why Buddhism is True: The Science and Philosophy of Meditation and Enlightenment’ by evolutionary psychologist Robert Wright.

I found Piya Tan’s dharmafarer.org page while doing a deep search for resources on Buddhanussati. He has an extensive Sutta Discovery series and YouTube channel where he provides thorough and penetrating commentary on the Buddhist texts.

Excerpt from his biographical page:

Piya Tan, who works on the Sutta Discovery Project, and teaches them, was a former Theravada monk for 20 years. Today he is a full time lay Dharma teacher specializing in early Buddhism. He was consultant and regu­lar lec­tur­er to the Buddh­ist Studies Team (BUDS) that success­fully introduced Buddhist Studies in Singa­pore Sec­ondary Schools in the 1980s. After that, he was invited as a visiting scholar to the University of California at Berkeley, USA. He has written many ground-breaking and educational books on Buddhism (such as Total Bud­dhist Work) and social surveys (such as Buddhist Currents and Charisma in Buddhism).


Part 2 of 2, the Q&A session.

Updated direct links to the volumes in the Sutta Discovery series that examine a wide range of dhamma themes. I’ve learned a lot reading through these.

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