Piya Tan's Sutta Translation

Some of the translation posted here not in the chronological order off the SD numbering hence there might be chance that some are missed. Also how do you detect and handle revisions. If a translation is revised how do you detect it and post it.

Also there are some items on Youtube. It might be good to post them there also. Also maybe we can have a tag for each Sutta by name and section and book it belongs to, language, translator, etc.

Perhaps all these can be moved to a category and have a sub category based on translator.

Also found this site which has some Spanish traslations: http://budismo-originario.info/


I have been adding Piya Tan’s ‘Sutta discovery’ texts nikaya by nikaya, in order of sutta number rather that in order of Piya Tan’s Sutta Discovery number.

The order in which the essays are listed on discourse.suttacentral changes according to which has the most recent reply, so the order in which they are posted is not so important. As far as I see it the value of posting these essays here is to make links between them and other resources, discussions and with sutta texts themselves. But the place to browse the full set of Piya Tan’s work will always be on his website.

So far I have only been posting Piya’s ‘Sutta Discovery’ essays that deal with a single sutta. I have not posted those that deal with many suttas at once. I thought it would be easier to add all of the SD texts dealing with single suttas first, going through according to sutta number, and then go through adding SD texts that treat multiple suttas, going by Piya Tan’s SD number. That way I would avoid posting the same thing twice.

So far we have all of Piyas texts dealing with single suttas in DN, MN, and SN up to SN40.9.

I have also posted all of Piya Tan’s videos dealing with specific suttas (apart from a couple posted on YouTube in the past month).

If you want to browse the videos you can go to the AV category and scroll down. All of the videos and essays by Piya Tan are tagged ‘piyatan’. So you can click on the tag to browse essays and videos by Piya tan.

As for revisions, there is no automatic detection system! But if you see that one of the SD essays/translations posted here has been revised on Piya’s website you could post the revised version in a reply to the relevant thread, if you think it is important.

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Thanks for the helpful answer, and I really appreciate what you’re doing: for I long time I have wanted to bring Piya’s amazing work to a broader audience.

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I am wondering if some of the spanish traditions of Piya Tan’s works can also be added from the above website.

I didn’t even know these existed, thanks for pointing them out.

We would love to host multi-lingual discussions here on Discourse, but I think it would be best if this was managed by teams in each language. So if there are any Spanish speakers that want to run a Discourse instance for Spanish, we will happily offer them technical assistance and server space, but they’ll need to manage the community: we can’t moderate comments in Spanish (& Japanese & Hebrew & Finnish & Hindi & … you get the idea)

At the moment the technical side has not been set up to do this, but if anyone wants to start something, in Spanish or any other language, please let us know.