Planet of the Humans, reviewed by Bhante Sujato

There’s been a few discussions of this film previously, but I just got around to watching it. I had thoughts!

This is a bit of an experiment, I haven’t made a Youtube for my channel before. It’s just audio, sorry, nothing fancy. But if you like to listen to me talking about the end of the world, it’ll be right up your alley!


I got to listen to a good chunk of this last night, really enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Would definitely enjoy more of this kind of thing, if you’re considering doing it. Also, just in case you didn’t spot it, there is a type-o in your video thumbnail. :pray:

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Thanks! I was thinking of doing one on cryptocurrency.

As for the typo, that would be the result of using an unreadable sci-fi font!


Ah nice, yeah that would be great, would love to hear it.

Ha ha re the font I thought that might be the case alright!

Thanks again.

Excellent presentation. Much food for thought. Reverting back to a much simpler life.
Thanks Bhante.