Playlists for retreats

The intention of this topic is to gather suggestions on Dhamma talks that could be downloaded, grouped and turned into a playlist for a 15-20 days self retreat.

It would be nice to have suggestions that result in playlists as concise as possible and as meaningful as possible - encompassing practical and sutta-based guidelines for one’s cultivation of the “inner” elements of the path (right effort, right presence/mindfulness, right stillness/convergence).

  • Six Recollections
  • Noble Task of Cultivation of the Path
  • Gradual training
  • Withdrawal from sensual pleasures
  • Dealing with boredom/anxiety

Moreover, sharing of playlists already used and proved helpful is most welcome!

I thank you in advance for your contribution and kindly ask to avoid as much as possible “trolling by debate” in this thread! :slight_smile:


For me, the most obvious that comes to mind is: - click on Retreats - 2007 Metta Meditation Course

For Suttas on the gradual training: click on Classes - Digha - SamannaphalaSeries. This is a series of 17(!) talks about the Sāmaññaphala Sutta, DN 2.

There is also a whole lot on the Dhammaloka website. The Deeper Dhamma series is a series of Sutta Classes about the first 10 suttas of the Majjhima Nikaya :


Dhamma seeds got many recordings.
My favourites are:

I haven’t got a chance to check others as yet.

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On youtube, 1983dukkha uploaded a series of 14 videos (audios) by Ajahn Brahm. They were Dhamma talks during a rains retreat 2001 and pretty deep.

I like Venerable Ayya Vimala’s suggestions, too. I am actually working on the DN2 at the moment.
The atomosphere I can feel from this series is quite lively. On the contrast, Ajahn Brahm talks much more seriously (unlike his normal style on Friday evenings).

I hope you have a wonderful self retreat.
With metta,

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