Please help

Hi, I’m having a really hard time finding An1.1 in English. Any ideas guys?

Hello @Ajahnbrahmsrabbit,

Here is the suttaplex:

From which you can get to the english translation by Ajahn Sujato:

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Thank you for the link I sent it to my friend, but I still don’t know how to do it…

So where do I find the suttaplex?

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When you open the homepage, then open ‘Sutta’, then ‘Numbered’, then ‘Anguttaranikaya’ you get this:

You see all Sutta cards of the Anguttaranikaya for your choice.

Hope this helps. :anjal:


Thanks everyone, my friend showed me on her computer and I was able to find the An in order. We use whatsapp, she’s in Germany. Oh and if anyone is interested I started a thread called who am I? Just a place for people to share who they take themselves to be…


Thanks everyone for helping each other! :anjal:

I’ve moved this thread to Meta instead of Q&A. Meta is more for questions about the site and how it functions.


Sadhu :slight_smile: