Please suggest for ordain in Sri lanka

Namo buddhaya,
I am planning to become monk in Sri Lanka. I either prefer Mitirigala Nissarana Vanaya or Na Uyana. More I am looking in adhidhamma along with sutta practice. Any advice, suggestion and experience.

With metta,


Why Srilanka exactly? Some things to consider…

(1) Abode (individual or group style kutis, do they have caṅkman paths?)
(2) Resort (distance of alms, eating system)
(3) speech (sutta, atthakatha, abhidhamma ācariyā vādā? Big monasteries tend to have alot of loka-dhamma. )
(4) persons (individuals and saṅgha as a whole) any sappurisa dhamma? see sutta AN 7.68
(5) food
(6) climate
(7) posture (related to samādhi)
(8) sāsanā-dhamma (what are the types of teachings offered?)
(9) samādhi nimitta (I.e does it increase)
10) Added bonuses are things like having good Monastery systems (visa, transport, health services etc)

It depends also on character type, for a ‘moha carita’ the V.magga recommends to never leave the presence of a teacher, an EBT example would be sth like this…

  1. “Here, a bhikkhu lives in dependence on the Teacher or on a certain fellow monk in the position of a teacher, toward whom he has set up a keen sense of moral shame and moral dread, affection and reverence. This is the first cause and condition that leads to obtaining the wisdom fundamental to the spiritual life when it has not been obtained and to its increase, maturation, and fulfillment by development after it has been obtained. 8.2

Such a thing is rare imo, but I’m any case…

AN 10.17 dasa nātha dhamma

  1. pātimokkha saṃvara saṃvuto
    Be restrained by pāṭimokkha sīla
  2. bahussuto hoti sutadharo sutasannicayo
    Accumulate much suttanta, be an inheritor and compiler of suttas
  3. kalyāṇamitto hoti kalyāṇasahāyo kalyāṇasampavaṅko
    Make spiritual friends
  4. suvaco hoti
    Be amenable
  5. dakkha hoti
    Be skilled
  6. dhammakāmo hoti piyasamudāhāro
    Have dhamma that is pleasing
    8)āraddhavīriyo viharati
    Make effort
  7. satimā hoti parama
    Be possessed of ‘supreme mindulfulness’
  8. nibheda pañña
    Penetrative wisdoom