Please support a dictionary to "Asaṅkhyeyyas" in details

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I am falling in a case:
" Four Asaṅkhayeyyas and one hundered-thousand world-cycles ago, the future Buddha named Sumedhā was the only son of a rich man at Amaravatī".
I did not got that the “Asaṅkhyeyyas” measurement, I cannot image how long it was. Could It be changed to years, months, days in the current time? How can it translate and exchange?

Please help me make clear above. If you can show the dictionary or proofs of time or anything relating that, please mention.

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If I am not mistaken Asaṅkheyyo would roughly translate to an incalculably long period of time. Which means you are not going to be able to determine it or put it into years like you want.

Here is some sources: Asankhyeyya - Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia

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Thanks a lot, Dukka!

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Oh I found something that will help you calculate! @dungdoant

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Thanks, :slight_smile:

It is so extremely large with many number “0” behind.
However, the captured image I cannot see clear what the number of power on number 10,000,000 is.
It is not clear. Anyway, I know it is extremly large, and the Budda was born extremely rarely.

Thanks for information, Dukka.

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You are very welcome. My pleasure! So it’s 10,000,000 to the 20th power or rather 1 followed 140 ciphers. :crazy_face: that’s a big number.