Political spiritual leadership?

(Tangential to the thread: Inequality and the origins of spiritual specialists)

From a recent news item – a CBS 60-Minute presentation “The Governor who’s castigating the president on climate change”:

“… Jerry Brown is California’s 39th and oldest governor. When he first held the office in 1975 he had a full head of hair. His father, Pat Brown had been governor eight years before. When you look at all the staid portraits of his predecessors in the capitol rotunda, it’s obvious Jerry Brown is not like the others. Not many politicians spent four years in the seminary as Brown did in the 1950s. Or dated a rock star. He went out with Linda Rondstadt in the 70s.

Governor Jerry Brown: I’ve seen a lotta different things. I’ve worked with mother Theresa. I’ve spent six months doing Zen meditation in Kamakura, Japan and I’ve run for President three times. I’ve done very incompatible things.

Bill Whitaker: People who like you will say that that’s evidence of intellectual flexibility. People who don’t like you say that that’s evidence of your being flighty.

Governor Jerry Brown: Well, I’m not gonna – that’s that psycho babble.

Whatever you call it, his far-out politics his first time in office earned him the moniker Governor Moonbeam. We found him to be down to earth. He’s California casual at the office. His dog Colusa has the run of the place…”

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I live in Oakland, where he was Mayor for quite some time. I would see him every once in a while on his morning jogs, and see him interact with people. He’s unconventional, and probably those times considering spiritual matters have helped him be an effective and decent politician. When I see any politician proceeding in a way that seems based on moral, ethical concern, and not party politics, I respect it, even if I disagree with it. So obviously nowadays I can’t name many politicians I respect.