Poll about life after death. What is most likely?

  • The soul/ego is reborn in another body
  • The life energy is reborn in another body
  • I have no opinion
  • The psychic-phenomenon has no continuity
  • Our desire(poisons) is reborn in another body
  • The soul/ego is reborn in another world(heaven or similar or similar)
  • Other idea
  • One of the khandas has its continuity
  • Nibbana for all

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I voted for the one of the bundles has it own continuity, but I would say that my degree of confidence is only good, but not great. I would be dishonest if I were to say I have no opinion. I lean toward a micropanpsychic flavor of consciousness as awareness. If awareness can find its way into an organism once, it can due so again. That said, I really cannot come up with a plausible explanation for karmic retribution that seems at all just and I think most people deep down inside think it would be truly just.

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This is an important truth: Poll and voting can’t be used to determine truthfulness of any hypothesis.

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It can therefore be an introduction to reflection.

The right answer afaik is not listed.

Please provide the correct answer

Consciousness and name & form relationship continues due to craving.
With Metta

Do you mean mix “Our desire(poisons) is reborn in another body” and “One of the khandas has its continuity” ?

“Oblivion” should have been an option.

“I have no opinion” is what I selected.

I see it as there is a waiting room with two doors, through one door people enter, and through another door people leave. Once you leave you cannot come back, so anyone in the room talking about what’s behind that door are speculating and don’t actually know.

Furthermore, just because you may remember what was behind the entrance door, doesn’t mean that’s what’s behind the exit door.

Therefore I believe the only honest opinion is that I have no opinion.

On the bright side, you don’t need to know what’s behind either door to understand the dhamma and use it to stop suffering.


What if the Adi-Buddha has Christ spin the Wheel of the Law…in a certain Way?

I think that would be the choice named:
“The psychic-phenomenon has no continuity”

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When Phantoms rule the Land, Dhamma will be needed the most. So it will be up to the Sangha of Arhats to Enlighten those that use psychic phenomena for harm, to turn back to the Middle-Way.

Even ignoring Buddhism, experience just going blank after death seems waaaay too simple compared to just the information our species has been able to gather about existence. We don’t even know what life is despite direct experience of it. Thinking the answer to something even more mysterious is as simple as “everything being blank” doesn’t work for me. That’s way too easy to come up with and nothing in this existence ever seems to be that easy to imagine.

Since the Buddha was so insightful to a degree that just doesn’t even seem realistic, I’m just gonna take his word for what actually is going on until I get there myself.