Post-count curiosities?

The index of topics/threads show number of posts beyond the OP – i.e. shows “1” when a single post added to the OP.

Today, though I notice some (all s/w lengthy) where the count there e.g. “The Udana & The Dhammapada” says “43”, and when opened shows “n/44” where “n” is the current post positioned at, but when the whole thing is downloaded (via Command-P on iMac) the pdf file shows “UTC” counts up to 46!?!

(Checked also for the s/t cases where a post is added since one was opened as to new tab or downloaded.)

This is by design, see:

Post count discrepancy is the result of some posts being deleted (e.g. post #20 in your example above).


A bit cleaner might be leaving a stub for deleted posts – no longer any ID of sender, but explicit evidence of the count.

I doubt anything can be changed here, since this is the feature of the underlying software on which this forum is running.

Your concerns would probably be best addresed on the Discourse feedback forum at