Pre marital sex and the 'kāmesu' precept

An interesting discussion in the above link at around the one hour mark regarding whether or not the third precept entails celibacy. As per is the norm with regard to the third precept the canon does not technically/specifically say yes you have to avoid sexual behaviour pre marriage, but rather to avoid sexual relations with those who in modern terms would constitute breaking the law or result in socially being considerd a ‘home wreaker’.

But having said that, this passage came to mind and others (such as MN 66 in which sensuality is said to be something to be FEARED!!) which I would say would include sexuality for sure. So here is the passage, would be interested to see peoples comments/thoughts also regarding the following topic of discussion regarding abortion…

‘‘Let the intelligent person live a celibate life,
as one would avoid a pit of glowing coals;
but being unable to live the celibate life,
go not beyond the bounds with others’ partners.’’ Dhammika Snp