Printing postcards

Hello @sabbamitta, I hope you are well.

So I have these designs which fully account for bleeding:

Is this accurate in German?

On the back of the card, I am thinking of applying something like this, still leaving space for people to write an address:

Visit for inspiration from the Buddha’s Teachings!
SuttaCentral is a platform dedicated to the study of early Buddhist texts, primarily those originating from the Buddha’s lifetime or shortly thereafter. It offers access to these texts in various forms, including the Pali Sutta and Vinaya Piṭakas, ancient Chinese and Tibetan translations, and fragments in Sanskrit and other languages. The site enables users to read these texts in their original languages as well as modern translations in multiple languages, and also provides the facility to find parallels of any given discourse.

What do you think?


Thanks so much for all your work, Noé!

This is fully correct, but for this purpose I’d perhaps prefer to make it a little less formal and say “Teile” instead of “Teilen Sie”.

I think that’s a bit long for a postcard.

If it’s simply a card for information it would be okay, but if you want something that people like to write on there should remain enough space to say a little more than just “warm greetings” and your signature. I think if you have prose text it shouldn’t be more than two sentences.

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Thank you for the feedback, I’ll back with some improvements :slight_smile:

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Perhaps simply “visit” (and perhaps as a bottom line) would be enough, leaving a little of an adventure for people to discover. There is already “early Buddhist texts, translations, and parallels” on the front.

I think it should be really simple, nothing that’s complicated to read, graspable at one glance.

I think the main purpose of a postcard is giving people a smile … :smile: … or not? Not making them scratch their head in any case.

Thank you! What about, “Explore the Depth of Buddha’s Teachings at!” ? :grinning:

I could actually put that on the front as well. Leaving the back entirely free.

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Sounds very nice! But I’d say the Buddha’s teachings—it’s not a proper name.

German: Erkunde die Tiefen der Lehren des Buddha auf!

I wouldn’t put too much on the front. It’s already full enough. Or else you put it instead of “share the Buddhadhamma with friends”.

In any case I think one line on the back is okay.

That’s right!

Yes, I was thinking instead of that line.

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I’d remove the term “platform”…

SuttaCentral is dedicated to the study…

Also, no need for “www”.