Problems in Vietnamese translations of SN

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I think there are some confusions in the Vietnamese translations of some SN suttas. For instance, the translation text of SN have the problem from SN 12.31.

IV: Phẩm Kalàra—Vị
31. Sanh
Sát Ðế Lỵ
Một thời Thế Tôn ở Sāvatthi.

actually should be

IV: Phẩm Kalàra—Vị Sát Ðế Lỵ
31. Sanh
Một thời Thế Tôn ở Sāvatthi.

And it misses the rest of this sutta.

This missing is because in Vietnamese translation, this sutta is devided into several parts for convenience. Only the first part is included in this sutta in the site. Other parts is assigned to other following suttas. The contents is shifted like that and the “redundant” contents are dropped. This causes problem for all those following sutta within the chapter. For instance, the translation of SN 12.46 is actually SN 12.39. The translation of this chapter with the numbering can be found here:

Moreover, this problem is also happen in other chapters:

Chapter 14: from SN 14.16
Chapter 16: from SN 16.2
Chapter 22: vn SN 22.142 is for SN 22.143; vn SN 22.144 is for SN 22.146 and go on.
Chapter 45: from SN 45.49, I will update about this chapter and others later.

Also, the Pāli words in Vietnamese translations need to be revised. For example, “Mahà Kassapa” should be “Mahā Kassapa” (SN 16.2).

Besides, I’m not sure if SN 12.93 is in correct number and name, because it should be SN 12.93-213 and the name Appamāda is for SN 12.213, the name of SN 12.93 is Sikkhā­suttā­di­peyyā­la­ekāda­saka.

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Thanks so much for this, and for the very helpful explanation. It sounds like a complex situation, so we best work with you section by section to make sure it works out okay.

@vimala, can you look into this?

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I will when I come out of retreat. I won’t be on discourse any more for the next 14 days.
There is also this issue:

No worries, Ayya, have a great retreat.

@nqbinh, will this be okay for you? Can you wait a couple of weeks before starting on this?

That’s okay. I will prepare other chapters in those days.
Have a great retreat. :slight_smile:

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That would be perfect.

Dear @nqbinh,
I have uploaded a new version of sn12 from sn12.31 onwards as you indicated. Can you please have a look if this is OK?

When you are ready with the other chapters, please send it to me.
Thank you very much for doing this!


Dear @Vimala,

Thank you for your update.
This is the details for SN 14, 16, 22 as indicated.

My friend Nguyen Anh Tu is helping me on other chapters of SN. We will update them later.

Best regards. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!
I’ve done those so please check on the site if these are OK now.

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