Prof. Gombrich En Fuego: Great Interview and a Good Listen

Driving this morning, and doing my usual Dhammatalk listen or occasional Buddhism podcast, I found on my Facebook friend Ted Meissner’s often compelling and eclectic podcast this new interview with Richard Gombrich.

Ted’s a smart and interesting guy, a good interviewer, and knows his way around the Pali Canon a bit, despite his drift into the heresy that dares not speak its name: secular Buddhism :slight_smile: … . Ted does his usual great job getting Prof. Gombrich to expound on any number of issues (his upbringing with a scholar-Dad; the merit of Theravada ordination; alternative facts in the modern news world; politician Boris Johnson; education, truth and Pali…) and the interview will bring a smile to your face. My drive was lengthy, and I still didn’t get to the end of the interview. I hope others enjoy it as I did.

Spoiler Alert: If you do nothing else today, go to 01:09:40 of the interview. Listen all the way to the end. A very nice mention of Bhante @Sujato, and a powerful discussion of Bhikkhuni ordinations.


Thanks for this, really looking forward to it.


the array and nature of the topics alone did

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Thanks for posting this and letting people know. I’d been trying for a long time to get Prof. Gombrich on the podcast. Glad he finally agreed.


Douglass, he seemed like he was in really good form. I really enjoyed this interview. Your efforts getting him on the podcast really paid off. Again, the salvo at the end about Bhikkhunis is priceless.

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