Proofreader needed for Puggalapaññatti

We are looking for a proofreader for the English translation of the Puggalapaññatti (Abhidhamma). If anybody is interested in doing this, please let me know and I will send you the files and put you in contact with the person in charge of this project.



I just want to add a little bit more information. This is about the PTS English translation so not a new translation. It is translated into English by Bimala Charan Law, M.A., B.L. and published by the Pāli Text Society in 2006.

We eventually want to put this text on SuttaCentral as well. The text has been taken from the PTS edition and put in a digital format, but of course errors could have occurred during this transition. So we are looking somebody who can go over it and pick out errors in the text and in formatting. It is not necessary to know Pāli for this, only English.

The Puggalapaññatti (Designation of Person) departs from the strictly phenomenological approach of most Abhidhamma texts to present a compendium of passages relating to different kinds of individual. These are set out in a mātikā listing kinds of individuals numerically organized from one to ten. As suggested by the numerical arrangement, these terms are mostly derived from the Aṅguttara Nikāya, with modest changes in wording. The main concern is to classify personal or psychological tendencies as they relate to the development of the Buddhist path.


I’m in. I’ll give it a try


Awesome! Thanks so much. :cake:

Thanks so much Hector! That’s great!

I will send you the files and some instructions by email.

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Please let me know if I can help with something.


Thank you very much @nbezzala. :pray:
I will put you in contact with Manfred, who is in charge.