Proper syntax for SA2, SA3 & EA2 autolinks

What would be the proper syntax for those?

I tried several options including copying the URL bit, but none has worked

(BTW is ‘autolink’ a proper term?)

Could you be a bit more specific? What exactly do you need? Something like a full listing of all SA2 suttas?

not at all, just the proper format for the sutras’ aliases which forces generation of autolinks on the backend for the sake of usage in the Discourse’s posts

i know that typing for instance SN 2.1 works for Samyutta Nikaya, and that corresponds to the alias given in the URL of the respective text, but when i try, following the syntax given in the URL, to use SA-2.1 for the 1st text of Samyukta Agama2 (and several other combinations) the autolink to is not generated, likewise for two other mentioned collections

I see what you mean.
SA 2 is in there. Just testing.
SA-2 1 does not work. @Blake, did this have to do with the autolink_sc.js file?


guys, is there any update on this? not in a any type of rush, just curious

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Good point. @blake?

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The autolink syntax doesn’t support all of the texts on SC, mostly just the better-known ones. It would be good to wider this, of course.

In this case, we would use SA-2 34, SA-3 2, EA-2 45, and so on. Hyphenating the number in this way removes ambiguity. Using SA-2.1 wouldn’t be right, as the point numbers indicate sections within a collection. So there could in theory be SA-2 4.6 (although I don’t think this actually exists.)


yeah, since the Agamas are gaining traction in the discourse they’re worthy of having a convenient reference mechanism

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Indeed. We will leave it for the moment, but when the new version of the site is live we will put some attention to improving this.