PTS images of suttas on Where to find them?

I was browsing through the suttas on, where I found that there are images of the pts versions , for example I found this image at MN 1: Mūla­pariyā­ya­sutta (Pāli) - Majjhima Nikāya - SuttaCentral .
Where can I find these images as standalone ?
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I’ll tag @Aminah for this question as she’s the one dealing with the legacy version of SC, in addition to Ven @sujato. We should have an answer soon… :smiley: :grin:


Yeah, about that… :thinking: … you have perhaps heard of this rather radical, little notion: “sabbe sankhara anicca”? Curiously enough, it applies to all things, even me! :grin: With the exception of the preparation of an occasional text, a little while ago I parted ways with SC and no longer volunteer for the project.

All the same, by way of some kind of answer to the posed Q: the legacy site (different from legacy texts) was before my time and even after a little poking around the site data I can’t find the original source of those exact images.

However, the Internet Archive hosts a number of digitized versions of printed PTS volumes. Here’s what they have for the Majjhima. I couldn’t spot the exact source (with the same markings as used on the legacy site), but this version seems to be the same PTS version used (notwithstanding the possibility of differences in edition).


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Now, there are gods who are long-lived, beautiful, and very happy, living for ages in their divine palaces. When they hear this teaching by the Realized One, they’re typically filled with fear, awe, and terror. ‘Oh no! It turns out we’re impermanent, though we thought we were permanent! It turns out we don’t last, though we thought we were everlasting! It turns out we’re short-lived, though we thought we were eternal! It turns out that we’re impermanent, not lasting, short-lived, and included within identity.’

Thank you for your service, though! And many thanks for answering the OP despite my faux pas!
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:joy: Aaah shucks, what a brilliant quote, by golly the Buddha is awesome! :grin:

Not at all! Things just changed as they tend to.

Likewise, thanks for all your wonderful service, may it bring you much happiness.


The images are stored on our server online. We don’t keep them on Github, as they are too big.

But as others have pointed out, there are online versions at the Internet Archive, which is probably a better source, as it includes the whole book, whereas we just have the text pages.


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