PTS No shipping to Europe?

I’m a bit confused at the moment. I’m wanting to purchase a few volumes from the PTS, but under shipping there seem to be a suspicious lack of european countries. I’m currently in Slovenia which I wasn’t too surprised to see not on the list of options when inputting my address, but noticed that Germany and France for example are also not on the list. What’s the deal with that?

Don’t worry though, antarctica is one of the available countries to ship to…

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Have you contacted them directly to find out?

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It seems like something has gone wrong with the shipping options on their website. Of course they do ship to Europe from the UK, last year it was around 8 pounds to send a book to the Netherlands. Probably best to email them and let them know.

Yes, you need to contact them directly. I’ve always found them to be quite responsive unless they are closed for holidays.

Yes, I did contact them directly around the time I made this post. I figured I’d get a quicker response on here. Perhaps I’m a bit impatient :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I was mainly curious if it was perhaps related to UK not being in the EU anymore, etc.

You’ll get a quicker response, but it will surely not be as accurate. :rofl:

BTW, I always caution people to be very, very sure they are ordering the correct book as I find that the PTS catalogue does a poor job of distinguishing between translations and root texts.

I think they used to do free shipping for members. If you are buying more than one book, getting a membership used to be a good way to go because you get a free book. Again, this is quick but possibly inaccurate information. :grin:

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