PTS Pali English Dictionary: dāna

I’m not sure the PTS dictionary definition for dāna is displaying correctly. The (a) and (b) definition markers seems to have collapsed onto each other, with only the (b) definition being given. To the best of my understanding it’s possible the original PTS (a) definition may have been deliberately edited out but with the (a), (b) overlay thing I figured I’d flag it up in case not.

Yes, there is bug there, thanks for pointing it out. I am fixing this, and a bunch of other errors, and they should be uploaded soon.


@aminah another topic on dāna? Hmm, starting to sense a theme on which you should write. I thought your words here were genuinely insightful. Anyway, just fueling the fire of suggestion. :japanese_goblin:


:anjal: That’s really extremely kind of you to say, Matt. Dāna is, indeed, a highly engaging and rich theme. I guess I’ve been forced into admitting that the only reason I was looking at the PTS entry above in the first place is because I was mulling over your words here.