Putting myself out to pasture


Hi Aminah, thanks so much for your kindness and wisdom, and for making this forum and this world a little bit brighter and better. We have had many wonderful people on our moderation team, but I think I can say with some confidence, that we have never had anyone quite so silly. In all the best ways, of course!

Suttas on how to make friends in the EBT

Gosh, I’ve never had my life choices validated in quite such a way! :heart_eyes_cat:

Awesome! So you’ll be staying after all, then! :smiling_imp:

Just as it is from me to you. :anjal:


Thank you :anjal:


Thank you so much Aminah!
You have contributed so much to the forum and made my short stint as a mod much more fun. I totally echo what the others above have said.
Mega mettā


It sounds like you will be around for a while. :rofl:


As I’m proving to be a gutless wimp toddler when it comes to goodbyes, I’ll just leave this here


Your Active Moderator Team

Oh, my dear chum, I guess the thing of it is Whippet has a pretty fair point; it’s just that I get to not pay attention to a bunch of stuff now.

:anjal: :hugs:


Dear Aminah, Thank you for all of your wise work as a moderator and I’m so glad you’ll still be around. You’ve always been so wise and kind and thoughtful. It occurs to me that people that are lucky enough to know you personally must treasure you as a friend.


Once again, thank you all so much. Truly, it’s so touching and is surely excellent testimony to the kindness and care that circulates through this forum mentioned in the OP.


By the way, I ought to let you know, if the Sila Police ever come for me, I’m giving your names as character references! :wink:


Good luck Aminah! :bouquet::bouquet::bouquet:



Dear Aminah, I’ve said enough mushy things behind the scenes, to spare the full exposition here… but I don’t think I ever told you that one of the reasons that I considered taking on a mod role here, was because of your presence here, and the admiration of the skillfull way you handle yourself. The humour is a much loved extra! :anjal: :smiley:


I’m in a bit of a flap about trying to pack a bag at the moment (there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to fit a steamer!!!) and I’m so sorry that I can’t pause to try and think of a more creative way to again, express how touching it all is. So I’ll just through over a massive digital hug before dashing off.


Aminah, thank you for all your support, encouragement and inspiration!


Good to know. We were preparing to body search you when you arrive.


:slight_smile: May you be happy, peaceful, freed from all suffering.

I am grateful for the positive influence the wisdom and kindness and humor which you have used has had on me and otherwise.


Hi Aminah
Best wishes and hope you will continue to enjoy the path.
The moderating a Buddhst form is just a short resting place in that journey.


You were a great mod. AFAICT, You always tried to be fair, acted with patience and kindness, and avoided sarcasm and scorn. Whoever comes next will have some big shoes to fill!

Buena suerte!


I’m not sure if it is really a ‘resting place’ to moderate a Buddhist forum… but I guess, Aminah, you’ve deserved a rest now from this work! :wink:


:joy: :rofl: :joy:

In fact, it is quite amazing what one can accomplish with merely a kettle and a scrapper when no-one is looking. :grin:

(May the mods strike me down for being terribly off topic, but please allow me to offer massive, massive thanks for having me)

Really, all of the extraordinarily kind notes offered here mean so much to me, yet more thanks to each and every one; I’ve been quite taken aback.

This comment, however, is particularly special for me; thank you so much. I’d be the first in line to say I undoubtedly made many mistakes along the way, but from my side what remained true throughout was the wish and endeavour to be as fair as possible. Actually, while never wanting to speak on other people’s behalf, I can certainly say that my experience is that this goes for all the mods I ever worked with, too.

Yippeeeeeeeeeeee! Bye! :running_woman: :smile:


We’ll keep your room as you left it. :yum: